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2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8     S E A S O N

Monies for Bus Trips / Exhibition Fees / Teacher Fees / etc.,
please pay by CHEQUE to : "Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild"

SEPTEMBER Tue. 12th Tue. 26th
  Welcome Back

Meet and Greet new members

Season Planning and events 
Start of Series
of Mini Projects

A "Pyramid Pincushion"
with Sue Davies

OCTOBER Tue. 10th Tue. 24th
Mini Project :   T.B.A.

Discussion re Workshop for students (schools).
Bring ideas and lunch
(noon to 1 pm)

NOVEMBER Tue. 14th Tue. 28th
  Barbara Kershaw
Directions for making
a Sewing Box.
Sewing Box
direction continued.

  Christmas Meeting
'Show and Tell',
'Swap and Purchase'
Christmas Luncheon

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

JANUARY Tue. 9th Tue. 23rd
  Welcome Back

Introduce Program Calendar

Mini Project :   T.B.A.

FEBRUARY Tue. 13th Tue. 27th
  Stitch-In Mini Project :   T.B.A.

MARCH Tue. 13th Tue. 27th

(Isaiah Tubbs - 6-8/March)
Mini Project :   T.B.A.

APRIL Tue. 10th Tue. 24th
  Stitch-In Mini Project :   T.B.A.

MAY Tue. 8th Tues. 22nd
  Stitch-In Mini Project :   T.B.A.

JUNE Tue. 12th  
  Annual General Meeting

'Show and Tell'

End of year luncheon
Happy Summer


3 October, 2017 A Trip to Gitta's in Port Credit
Address: 271 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8
Phone: 905-274-7198

6-8 March, 2018 Isaiah Tubbs retreat.

T.B.A. Ontario Network of Needleworkers (ONN)

17-22 July, 2018 Embroiderer's Association of Canada (EAC)
Seminar 2018
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Theme: "Bridging Stitches"

25 June, 2018 33rd Anniversary of Northumberland Hills
Stitchery Guild.


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