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With displays in the Cobourg Public Library lobby display cases, we have attracted several new members, and our meetings are becoming more "normal" after COVID.

We have had the chance to run some mini-Workshops to help everyone get acquainted, and this has led to "impromptu" meetings at Cobourg Library (Reading Room) on the Tuesdays when we don't have our official meetings.

Some of the Workshops can be re-visited below.


23-Jan-2024 - Sashiko work - the art of little stitches.

The Sashiko kits were picked up by Immy L. and Cathie O. set us to work - the art of little stitches.
Those little stitches have to be quite precise, with one-third length below.

1-sashiko       3-sashiko

7-sashiko       6-sashiko

4-sashiko       5-sashiko       8-sashiko


14-Nov-2023 - Yo-You Trees and Swedish Stars - all ready for Christmas.

The Yo-You Trees were guided by Cathie O. and the Swedish Stars by Susan C.
All the results were very good and everyone had fun learning how to make them.

3-Yo-you     4-Yo-you     5-Yo-you     2-Yo-you    

6-swedish     10-swedish     7-swedish    

8-swedish     12-swedish     9-swedish    

11-swedish star     11-swedish star    


28-Mar-2023 - Smocking falls into the category of needlework (not dressmaking) and for those of us who have never tried it, Anne S. took us through a simpler piece - a Necklace.

smocking4     smocking1     smocking2    

smocking3     smocking5     smocking6

smocking-front smocking-back


14-Feb-2023 - Celebration of Broken Needles was replaced with a mini-workshop in Caring Hearts with Susan C.

heart1     heart2


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After being in isolation for about 22 months - see our Projects during that time - we started our meetings gradually.

We did meet over the summer - in the open air. Celebrating World Embroidery Day, and later for Vivian F's 90th Birthday

The March Zoom was a continuation of the Zentangle art-type program with Kim Mather - all about colour and choosing embroidery threads, and Susan C. ran a needle-felting workshop


8/15-Mar-2022 - A mini-workshop in needle-felting Cacti Plants with Susan C.

cacti1     cacti0     cacti2
cacti4     cacti5     cacti6    


Susan C. learned how to do Zoom and tried to alternate with Zoom at one meeting, and an in-person at the next, for February and March.
Those members who participated in the Zoom started out with a Zentangle art-type program about design with Kim Mather.
The March Zoom was a continuation of the Zentangle art-type program with Kim Mather - all about colour and choosing embroidery threads.

22-Feb-2022 - Zentangle with Kim Mather, via Zoom

z1   z2   z3   z3b
z4   z5   z6  


Susan C. distributed a gift package containing a "Challenge" - to be worked on for our official First Day meeting, 3 September, 2022.

25-Jan-2022 - "Where Stitchers Meet" Kit for Septmber meeting

Directions for "Where Stitchers Meet" Kit



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Little did we know that Covid was just about upon us. We had January and February meetings and then had to close down - until further notice.
Our February meetings involved an introduction to Fabric Art using Applique on the pieces.
We were guided by our member, Jillian R-M, our Fabric Art expert.

25-Feb-2020 - Applique-Fabric art with Jillian R-M.

af2a     af1     af2b
af3b     af3     af4a.    af4b
af5c     af6.     af7     af8

14-Jan-2020 - Making Dorset Buttons with Susan C.

db1     db2    db3   
dorset2     dorset3     dorset4     dorset5     dorset6
dorset1     dorset7     dorset8     dorset11     dorset9     dorset10    

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