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Anne is our expert in Smocking, along with other Stitchery items, she's also an excellent knitter.
as-m1     as-m3     as-m2    
Little Pale Mauve dress
(Anne says, the lighting makes it look grey)
Yellow Smocked dress and jacket
                Blue and Yellow dress
                Little Pink and Gold dress
as_striped     as_striped
Size 2 Striped Dress
Anne's UFO - a Sewing Box - finished !! (Lovely job!)

Seat Cushion (to be)


Anne's chair seat cushion - finished !!

The chair seat cushion in place, and looking beautiful !


. . . and for grand-daughter a cushion and quilt !


. . . . and yet two more of those lovely little dresses. Anne, just lovely.

as_winter     as_headband

Smocked Winter dress with headband to match


. . . . and Bernie Sanders (USA Democrat) is not the only one with Mittens.
Anne has been busy again and for Sel it looks like they came in time for our snowy weather.

as-n1 as-n2

Started a while back, Anne has now finished a Sewing Case.... everything in one place.
We love the embroidery and the inside material is really unique, illustrating all the various embroidery stitches. Lovely.


as-green1       as-green2       as-green3       as-green4

As fast as I get items posted - Anne has yet another finished project.    This lovely little Green dress with petticoat and bonnect,was waiting for some finishing touches, now complete in last photo.
Makes me wish I had a little girl . . . .

as_purple1           as_purple2

This lovely little purple dress was put on hold for awhile, but it's simply charmning for some lucky young lady.

as_turq1             as_turq2             as_turq3

Frankly, we are all exhausted at the speed Anne turns out these gorgeous dresses, and this one has a wonderful little hand-knitted jacket to accompany it.
These are requests - unless Anne has a statch of grandchildren we don't know about !!

as_leaves1           as_leaves2           as_leaves3

This is the little dress with Fall leaves that Anne started when we met on World Embroidery Day (30 July, 2021)

dress2           dress3           jkt_1

. . . and this little dress and jacket, with a "Scottish" flavour, is to go into the raffle for the December 2022 Cameco Capitol Theatre (Port Hope) fund raiser.



Susan tackles all kinds of things - Dorset Buttons, Felted Fairy people, and her BIG UFO finish was the Samarai Warrior; she started it when her son was in High School, he is now in his 30s, but he still would like it for his wall !!

sc1     sc2sc2     sc3     sc4

Samurai Warrior in outlined Cross-stitch

(December, 2020) . . . .and Susan's latest project a bookmark that was originally a Blackwork Project.... but she gave it colours !!

sc_bookmark1_246                 sc_bookmarkssuw


Teresa did some spring cleaning and organising of her
cross stitch supplies. She didn't find too many items
to discard, but did find a number of WIPs (Work in Progress),
and is going to tackle these over summer.
In the meantime she finished a Birth Announcement
for Arlo her great-nephew in Virginia, USA


Teresa's Happy Bus.

th_teapot         th_teapot2

Teresa was finishing off this piece she's had for a long time; she had to ad lib with some of the floss choices.
The first view was 14 March, 2021, and here is the finished product, framed and ready to be gifted (9 June, 2021)
Teresa is looks just great and we hope the recipient likes it too !       (Click on framed piece for enlargement)


Barbara has kept herself busy and just had the Ann Bowers Sampler framed.

In lots of lovely colours too; we know Barbara really prefers white. Beautiful Sampler Barb !


Barbara's Ann Bowers Sampler.



il-a1       il-a2       il_apple3       il_apple4

Apples - photo 1 at 16 January, 2021, and Immy was looking for some help with matching graphs for her "Apples".
Apples - photo 2 was at 22 March, 2021, and
Apples - photos 3 and 4 are at 2 August, 2021 - so making good progress. . . . . and in between slaving over the needlework, Immy is a great gardener . . . . with flowers not apples !

Well, here it is . . . . . the finished product (June, 2022):

Immy is also a statistician - this 19 x 19-inch piece took 1,071 hours and had 68 colours. The next photo will be of it framed.

Immy also wanted some special buttons for her Sewing Box,
and Susan C's workshop was just the thing;  she finished her
Dorset buttons and they look great !


Immy's Dorset button collection.



Jillian has been secretly working away not only with her paint brush, but created an image of it in fabric. Just lovely, and both items have made it into the AGN Juried Show. Congratulations Jillian !

Chimney Island, 1000 Island Parkway

jrm_painting       jrm_sewing       jrm_agn

Watercolour   and  Silk and embroidered Appliqué



Annie is one of our newer membes, and tells us that "My stitching has been mostly quilting.
I am working on a reindeer wall hanging, with a braided border made from Christmas fabrics".
This is just great during this hot weather we've been having - helps to cool us down during our shut-in days.
Annie's Christmas quilt wall hanging
The cut pieces being assembled, all in time for Christmas 2020 !
Along with another Christmas wallhanging . . . and a Christmas table runner
al1   al_quilt2a   al2   al_wallhanging   al_runner1

. . . plus the Canadian Quilt in the making. . . .

al3         al4         al5        

Well, Annie hasn't been wondering what to do during the Covid "season" - she's been busy making quilts.
She had made nine this summer. Donating to Oshawa Hospital as wheelchair quilts, and 4 to Cornerstone in Cobourg.
And look out - she's now doing some cross-stitch...



Eva has done a wonderful job on this counted cross-stitch piece and the framing complements it perfectly.



Heather has been working diligently on two Tudor Roses and they are finally completed. They have been given to Grace Church on-the-Hill to form part of a Priest Stole.

Heather took the design from the 154 year old frontal (that apparently the RSN made for them) and made a few more additions;    she says: "....I was soooo excited to hand it in as it was my absolute best long and short (silk shading) piece that I had ever done. (....and believe me, Church Ladies are very scrutinizing! ) "
(Note :    The Anglican Church have very very strict Standards for needlework pieces, so if you are interested, make sure you obtain their written directions before you start.)

Heather also shows her multi-coloured piece that is the actual centre of a mini-casket (circa 1700's) sewing tool box. She thinks that putting it together may take as long as the stitching !

Her last piece, most recently finished, is the Mariner's Compass - an amazing piece of Goldwork by Canadian Cynthia Jackson.
Heather was supposed to take this Course in Boston this last September but we all know why she wasn't able to be there. However, Cynthia ran the best online Course and finished just before Christmas.
Although relatively pleased with her progress in Goldwork, Heather says she can see that more practise is needed to get the arcs perfect and the bricking lined up...argggh.
(We know what she means !!)

hj_tudor       hj_casket       hj_mariners


Sheila dragged out projects started 3 years ago..... a sewing box to finish, a sweater, and more recently an Elsa Williams Crewel Bell Pull.

In the meantime she churned out more of the lavender sachet fronts and is trying to finish a Needlepoint piece started 25 years ago (!!), and is hoping to do more of the Tanja Berlin thread-painting Chickadee.

smc_box1     smc_box2     smc_box3     smc_box4
Sewing Box

smc_bellpull1     smc_bellpull2     smc_bellpull3     smc_bellpull4
Elsa Williams Crewel Bell Pull

smc_ls   c2

Lavender Sachet fronts (ready to be filled and sewn up).

smc_c1a   smc_c1b   smc_c1c


Alan Maley's "Winter Impressions" - a Sunset Needlepoint Kit (circa 1996-97)

A lingering UFO finished during Covid-19 - 25 April, 2021.
(How to do French Knots in your sleep. . . .!)

smc_bbag   smc_bb6b

Draw-string Beaded Bag (5" x 5")
A Covid-19 UFO from a 2006 course run by Mina Clappison.
smc_pansies2     smc_pansies4_


A UFO project - from a very old Kit
"Pansy Teacup" (Candamar Designs, Inc. circa 1990s - now $17.00 on Etsy)
started by someone else, which I inherited, and finally finished.
However, after some excellent framing by Kim Mather
it now joins a similar project I also finished a few years ago.


This is an embroidered piece I inherited started by a Guild member who passed away.
I finished two or three flowers and the butterfly.
I have backed the piece with orange cotton and made it into a small cushion.



This was a quick small project - a Traycloth, using a variety of stitches
(stem, straight, satin, leaf, Fishbone, detached Chain/Lazy Daisy and French knots).



The Tray cloth in orange flowers I gave as part of a 90th birthday gift to my neighbour.
She liked it so much she wanted me to do one for her son's lady friend who lives in Hong Kong.
It's usually the other way around, as we consider Chinese embroidery the epitome of the art.


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