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The intracies of Japanese Embroidery
Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Today we were visited by Phyllis Wilson and Sylvia Wilkens, who talked about their Japanese stitchery, and bringing samples of their work.

The spools of thread are about $8.00 per colour, and the hanks of silk about the same; there are approximately 90 metres of thread in each. The twisting of the hanks into the right thickness and weight of thread is an art in itself. There are several sizes of needles to accommodate the various thicknesses of the thread.

This work is a very precise science from producing your own thread from raw silk, to the many intricate stitches required for patterns - which in themselves were just as elaborate to follow.
Phyllis is on a journey with her pieces as they are all quite different, but can be rotated to still create interest and challenge.

Everyone gathered around to view up-close the samples of various pieces on which Phyllis has been working.

book1     books2
spools     thread

Sylvia brought several of her finished products of works inspired by Japanese stitchery, but probably more "traditional" in design.

circle1 circle2


ornament1   ornament2






sw5a   sw5b

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about this type of embroidery which has remained the same for 100s of years.

On the other hand as we look at our own pieces we recognize that in latter years our sewing is moving into the realm of "Art", as this picture of Jillian shows her working on an embroidered fabric picture.


Any viewers who are interested in pursuing further, the Art of Japanese Embroidery,
this web site may be of help :

The Japanese Embroidery Center       ""


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